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Well Water Filters

What contaminants are you filtering?

When choosing a whole house well water filter, it is important to know what contaminants in the water you are trying to filter out. The most common contaminants found in wells include: iron, manganese, sulfur, bacteria, nitrates and low pH. These contaminants can be hazardest to your health and plumbing not to mention a nuisance for cleaning. To determine the correct filter or filters for your well water it is recommend that a water test be performed. There are many solutions available and in order to be sure that the filter or system you plan to purchase will solve your problems you need to know what is in your water. If you purchase a filter or system without knowing what is in your water you run the risk of it not working and potentially costing yourself a lot of wasted time and money. The best type of water test is a water test performed by a laboratory. If you have a local plumber to test your water it may not be accurate and may not be a complete test. It is always best to get a non bias test done on your water. Once you have your test results you will have a much better understanding of what you will need to address the problems in your water.

It is also good to know that well water conditions can change depending on several factors. Drought conditions and low pressure systems (weather systems) are just some of the factors that may affect the quality of your well water.

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