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Upflow Water Filters

Up flow filters vs. down flow filters

Up flow filters filter the water in the up flow design. The water comes in to the filter through an upper basket and then down a riser tube in the middle of the filter tank. Once the water reaches the bottom of the riser tube it is then distributed through a lower basket attached to the riser tube. The water then flows from the bottom of the filter tank through the filter media in a swirling motion. The swirling motion is created by the reaction of the water coming out of the lower basket coming in contact with the bottom of the filter tank which is rounded or curved. An up flow design eliminates the need for backwashing on most filters because the filter media is continuously being fluffed every time the water flows through the filter tank. Another advantage to an up flow design is the amount of contact time the untreated water has with the filter media. An up flow design forces the filter media to swirl and allows the media to have longer contact time with the water.

Down flow filters filter the water in a down flow design. The water comes into the tank through an upper basket and flows down the tank around the distributor tube through the filter media. The water flows through the media then into a lower basket at the bottom of the riser tube. The filtered water then flows up the riser tube and out of the filter. Down flow filters require back washing to raise or fluff the filter media. Down flow systems can sometimes have issues with channeling caused when the water makes channels or tunnels in the filter media. When the water does not reach the other filter media, the effectiveness of the filter can be weakened. If you are looking to purchase a down flow filter be sure that it back washes to avoid channeling. This is not an issue in up flow designed filters. Another benefit to up flow filters is that most do not require back washing, drain lines or electricity. Even though most filters may look the same, it is always a good idea to understand how the different filters work.

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