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How To Test Your Water

Drinking water testing

Testing your water is a necessary step for know exactly what is in your water. The type of test that should be done on your water depends on the source of your water. City water or Municipal water may be as easy as calling your local water supplier and asking for a recent water test. If you draw from a well or surface water testing your water is not as easy. To test well water or surface water it is best to get a complete water test done by a laboratory such as National Testing Laboratories. Tests can be ordered online at click on the box in the top right corner to enter their online store. You can also take it to a local water testing lab in your area. Testing your water will determine the type of filter(s) or system(s) required for your water. Purchasing a filter or system without a water filter can be risky if you are not positive what is in your water. Most companies that sell whole house filters for wells require a water test before they will sell you one.

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