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do you need a filter?

Do you need a filter? That is a question that you will have to make on your own. The fact is you can either be a filter or buy a filter. The quality of our water does not seem to be getting better and the threat of contaminated water is only on the rise with all of the pollutants found in the air and ground water. Whole house water filters or POE (point-of-entry) filters filter the water where it enters the home, filtering the water at every tap. POU or (point-of-use) filters will only filter the water at that location. POU filters can be costly in some cases due to the replacement cost associated with the filter. POE filters are initially more money, but if the long term cost is factored in they are usually less expensive to operate in the long run. If you decide that you want a filter, it is best to decide where and how you will most benefit from it. There are many choices on the market at many price points therefore you must decide what is the most cost effective and beneficial choice for you. Just remember, you can buy a filter or be a filter!

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