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How We Rate Whole House Water Filters


There are many important factors when rating the quality, performance, and cost of a system. Below is how we rated each system on a 5 star scale based on those factors.


  1. Purchase Price: Worth 1 star for purchase prices under, $1,000
    According to a 2001 American Express Retail Index report on everyday spending the average consumer will spend over $9,000 on discretionary items including fast food, gifts, and health/beauty products. Of that, $396 will be spent on health products. Also according to this report, average household expenses are expected to rise. That makes the purchase price even more important to your budget, as does the next factor, yearly running cost. ( Retail Industry,

  2. Yearly Running Cost: Worth .5 star for units that run $100 or less a year to operate.
  3. Expected Life Span: Worth 1 star for units with more then 4 years expected life span on the system.
  4. Flow Rate: Worth .5 star for systems with at least 8 GPM flow rate
    The average home in america uses between 8-10 GPM

  5. Electricity: Worth .5 star for units that do not require electricity to run
    Not only do you save yourself money in electric costs, you save yourself water waste from our next factor.

  6. Backwashing: Worth .5 star for units that do not waste water through backwashing.
  7. Performance Guarantee: Worth .5 star for units that offer the customer a guarantee on performance
  8. Plumber for Warranty: Worth .5 star for units that do not void the warranty for self-installs
    Why should the homeowner be forced to hire a plumber to keep their warranty if they know a friend or can themseleves install a system. Thats why we use this factor to give a .5 star to units that do not require a licensed plumber.

  9. Max Rating: 5 Stars out of 5

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